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Play your school day

Habiit makes school easier, safer and more motivating. The app is tailored to promote mastery and counteract school refusal for children in primary school.

Features that help your child master the school day


Fun rewards make it more motivating to complete tasks and routines


Habiit gives the child a better overview and control over everything that will happen during a week

Habiit gives the child the opportunity to express opinions and feelings about what happens before and at school 


Developed in collaboration with leading researchers and organizations

Habiit follows the child through the school day

Motivational morning routines

Complete your morning routines in a clear and fun way. Earn stars for every activity you do!

Make the way to school more fun

Get rewards along the way. Go to school every day to unlock the coolest prizes!

Overview of the school day

Add subjects to the school schedule , and get a colorful overview in the app.

Sort thoughts and feelings 

Express what you think about school related activities, and use the log to see development over time.

Buy cool stuff

Use the stars you have earned to buy cool stuff for you and your habiit! 

Here's what our users say about Habiit

Lukas LOVES this game! So concrete and nice, and a great way to be able talk to him about how the school day has been.

Eva, mother of Lukas (6 years)*

Wow! This is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. It can make everyday life very easy for children with routine needs.

Maria, preschool teacher*

I have a 6 year old boy and we live in Oslo. My boy is not always willing to go to school. We have now downloaded Habiit from the App Store, and he has become an avid user.

Tonje, mother of Jesper (6 years)*

* names have been changed for privacy reasons

Any questions?

Read our frequently asked questions, or contact us at!

Do you work in school?

Habiit is used in close collaboration with several Norwegian schools. Get in touch at if you think Habiit can help your students!

Habiit - the school game

Habiit makes school and everyday routines easier, safer and more motivating. Try it for free now!

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Play your school day

Habiit makes everyday routines easier, safer and more motivating. The app is tailored to promote mastery for children in primary school.