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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Habiit help my child get good routines? How can an app prevent school refusal? In this section we have gathered some common questions and answers. Can't find the answer? Send your question to!

Who is behind Habiit?

Tackl – a health tech company creating digital tools to strengthen children's mental health, has created Habiit. Tackl was started on the basis of one of the entrepreneur's own experiences of caring for children who struggled to go to school. You can read more about it at

Is Habiit made for children with special needs?

Research shows that up to 28 percent of all children struggle with school attendance during primary school.  We believe that all children (and adults) can experience that establishing good routines in everyday life can be hard at times. Habiit is not made for children with specific diagnoses, but for anyone who needs a little extra help to structure their day and to master the many routines of everyday life.

How can I know that Habiit helps against school refusal?

The root causes to problematic school absence are sometimes complex and hard to understand. Habiit is not intended to be a substitute for getting help from parents, teachers, psychologists or other professionals. However, we hope that it can be a supplement, and a safe and appealing tool that the children can carry in their pocket and use when they need a little extra motivation, structure or peace to master everyday life.

What kind of research is behind the development of the app?

The app has been developed on the basis of interdisciplinary research at NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and the University of Stavanger. Habiit was originally a research and development project that aimed to find out if it is possible to alleviate anxiety symptoms and increase school attendance with the help of a digital game. This question is addressed through nine student assignments (including three master's theses) and a number of meetings and workshops with children, social educators, psychologists and researchers. The insight we have acquired from these activities has lead to the development of Habiit. Read more about it in the Blog, or at (Norwegian).

How much does Habiit cost?

Habiit is free the first week you use it. If you want to continue playing, it costs either NOK 99 for one month, or NOK 299 for 12 months. Schools that want to use Habiit on a larger scale can contact, and together we will find a solution that suits you. For more info on price, visit the Pricing page.

I have suggestions for how the app can be improved. Who do I contact?

We are very happy for tips on how Habiit can be even better!  Send us an email at, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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