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Privacy, Terms of Use, Consent and Cookies

When you use our game Habiit, which prevents school refusal and improves routines in everyday life, you should also know that the personal information collected is done in a way that satisfies privacy concerns. You must also be confident that the game provides the necessary consent.


Below we describe how we process your personal information, our use of cookies on this site, and how you can take control of your own data. We also explain the terms of use that apply to the use of the Habiit app and how parents can consent to use for children under 13 years of age.



1.Tackl AS and Habiit

Tackl AS ("Tackl") offers an application ("The App") for school-age children. The purpose of The App is to offer a game product to help children create good habits in everyday life. The app aims to motivate children to master situations that can prevent them from getting to school, and help children reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Users of the app can be children, parents, teachers and health personnel ("Users").


These are the Terms of Use for the App (the "Terms of Use"). The Terms of Use are binding on all Users of the App, and all Users hereby undertake to follow the Terms of Use.  Users are responsible for the actions they perform when using the App. Tackl reserves the right to make the App inaccessible to Users who do not comply with the Terms of Use.


2. Registration, username and password

Users must register in the App. Upon registration, the User provides a nickname and an e-mail address to create a user account ("User Account"). Nicknames should not be the User's full name. The e-mail address provided will be used for any inquiries from / to Tackl, for example when resetting the password. The user selects a password. Username and password are personal, and if the User suspects that the username / password is used by someone else, the password must be changed immediately.


3. Subscription and payment

Tackl does not charge for downloading the App. User gets a 7 days free trial period when downloading the App. After the trial period, the User will be offered to buy a subscription. User can choose between a monthly and annual subscription period ("Subscription Period"). The user must pay the price stated for each Subscription Period when subscribing. When subscribing, the user uses built-in payment functionality in the App Store, and pays for the first subscription period. The user is further charged on the date, or nearest working day, when the new Subscription Period starts running.


4. Right of withdrawal

The app is a digital benefit, and there are exceptions to the right of withdrawal in agreements on digital benefits as long as prior consent and recognition is available.

By downloading the App, the User acknowledges and agrees that the right of withdrawal lapses.  


5. Updates and availability

Tackl reserves the right to make maintenance and updates in the App, and there may therefore be periods when the App is occasionally unavailable. Tackl is not responsible for the App's availability of updates or maintenance.


6. Intellectual property rights

All of the App's content, and the associated copyrights and other intellectual property rights belong to Tackl and are Tackl's property. The user is responsible for ensuring that the use of the App is not made in violation of Tackl's intellectual property rights. The user has no right to use Tackl's intellectual property rights without special agreement.


7. Termination of subscription and deletion of User Account

There is no lock-in period for the subscription, but the subscription runs until termination. The user can cancel the subscription before the current Subscription Period expires. The user will have access to the App until the Subscription Period. Unsubscribing is done by going to "my subscription" under the "settings" page in the App, or by following these steps: Upon termination of subscription, the User may choose to leave the User Account stored in the App for any later use, or the User may delete his/her User Account.   

Tackl may delete User Accounts if there is a breach of the Terms of Use, or any other reasonable reason. If the subscription is canceled, or if Tackl suspends the User's access to the App, Tackl will not refund amounts already paid by the User.


8. Caution when using

In Habiit, Users receive digital rewards by moving physically from home to school. Tackl encourages Users to be careful in traffic and to be extra careful in their surroundings in this part of the game. According to point 1, Users are responsible for the actions they perform when using the App, and this also applies here.


9. Privacy

Through the App, Tackl will process personal information about the User. User can read more about how Tackl processes personal information in the privacy statement.

10. Changes to the Terms of Use

Tackl may change the Terms of Use. It is the User's responsibility to keep up to date on the Terms of Use in force at any given time. If significant changes are made, the User will be notified. If the User continues to use the App after a change has been made, the User is deemed to have accepted the change (s). 

The applicable Terms of Use can be found at

11. Disputes

These Terms of Use are governed by Norwegian law. Any conflicts must first be resolved through negotiations. If the parties do not reach an agreement on a solution through negotiations, the dispute shall be resolved in the ordinary courts with the Oslo District Court as the agreed venue.

12. Contact information


This privacy statement provides information about how personal information is processed in Tackl AS ("Tackl").

1. The purpose of the processing of personal data

In order to be able to offer and use the App, it is necessary to process personal information.

Tackl processes personal information about users of the App. This personal information includes the email address, the user's subjective opinions and impressions of daily routines, school subjects and other school-related activities, user location, coordinates to school and the user's school schedule. In addition, users are asked to provide an optional nickname. As stated in the App's Terms of Use, nicknames should not be the user's full name.

Information related to the user's location will only be obtained when the app is in use and open on the users' smartphones. The app will therefore not make an ongoing "background update" of this information. The e-mail address provided will be used for any inquiries from/to Tackl, for example when resetting the password.

Tackl's processing of personal data is based on GDPR art. 6 (1) a) consent, which is given by the guardian before the user can use the App. Consent can be withdrawn at any time by contacting Tackl or deleting an account in the app. If the consent is withdrawn, the app will not be usable.   

2. Security

Tackl has documented technical and organizational measures that ensure that the personal information in the App is processed in a way that ensures its confidentiality, availability and integrity.

Recipients of the personal data

Tackl does not pass on your personal information to third parties unless such disclosure follows legal obligations for the business. Tackl also does not process personal data outside the EU / EEA.

4. The data subject's rights

By contacting Tackl, the registered person has the right to demand

-        insight into,

-        correction of and / or

-        deletion of

personal information concerning the data subject.

If the basis for the processing of personal data is consent, the data subject has the right to withdraw its consent at any time by contacting Tackl.

The registered person has the right to complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority about Tackls' processing of personal data.  

5. Shelf life

Tackl will store the personal information for as long as is necessary for the purpose of the processing. This means that storage will be done as long as the user uses the App. In the event of inactivity for more than one year, the information will be deleted and / or anonymised.   

We will not store personal data beyond this, unless there is another legal basis for continued processing.

6. Contact information for the data controller

If you have questions about how Tackl processes personal information, contact:


Parents/guardians must consent to the processing of personal data on behalf of their child. By verifying the user account with the parent email, you confirm that you have parental responsibility for the user of the app.

In the app, the user will be asked to provide the following personal information:

  • Email address for communication with Tackl, ex. when resetting a password.

  • User location.

  • Coordinates for school.

  • The user's subjective opinions and impressions of daily routines, school subjects and other school-related activities.

  • User schedule.

In addition, the user is asked to enter an optional nickname.

Consent can be withdrawn at any time by contacting Tackl, or by deleting the user's account. If the consent is withdrawn, the app will not be usable.



When you visit our websites, different types of data are stored locally on your device, via your browser. Such "locally stored data" can be used to adapt the content and functions of the services to you, and thus help to make your visit better organized and more meaningful for you.

The most common type of local data storage is cookies. These are small text files that are stored on your device (PC, mobile phone or tablet). These files allow us to recognize your browser.  We use the information we collect to analyze the traffic on the website, so that we can make our website better for you who visit us online. The information will be used internally and by our partners in the context of analysis, as well as in marketing. We do not store information that can identify you personally. When you visit a website, you are entitled to information that the website uses cookies, and you must approve that cookies are used.

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